Have Your Own Foot Pampering Session at Home With Foot Cream and Scrubs

Whoever said that you need to pay hundreds of bucks just to get yourself pampered does not know a thing about resourcefulness. Take caring for the feet for example. Whenever foot care is mentioned, people immediately think about expensive foot massages and spas. Unfortunately, not all of us have the money to enjoy this every now and then. This is not the end for the financially challenged, however, because there are cheaper ways in which we can take care of our feet. love your feet

When we talk about skin care for this part of the body, one of the things that immediately jump to us is the need for foot scrubs. Just like other parts of our body, our feet accumulate dead skin cells that need to be exfoliated every now and then. However, we don’t actually need to go to a chic salon to have this done. You can have your very foot spa and scrub at home by following the simple steps below.

The first thing that you need to do is to purchase a good exfoliating and moisturizing foot cream. Your exfoliating foot cream should have granules that can effectively scrub off your dead skin cells but will not get your skin irritated as well. As for your moisturizing foot cream, it should have ingredients that can boost your skin’s natural moisture production and protect it from harmful factors. Once you have purchased your foot cream products, prepare a basin which your feet can fit into, a loofah, and some soft towels. Put lukewarm water on the basin and soak your feet there for 10 minutes at most. If you are feeling stressed, add some oils like eucalyptus to relax yourself.

After soaking, apply the exfoliating foot cream on your feet and scrub it by using small circles. If you have calluses or stubborn dry spots, use the loofah to remove the dry skin. Be careful when scrubbing or you might end up with red achy skin. After you’ve made sure that you have scrubbed properly, wash your feet using new water and pat it dry with a soft towel. Remember to pat the water away gently because your skin is still sensitive and rubbing can cause it to redden. If you can keep a little moisture on your skin intact, the better. After semi-drying your skin, apply the moisturizer to seal in the moisture. Moisturizing is very important because it will prevent your skin from drying and will also keep it smooth and supple.

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